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How to Decide on a Dog or Puppy Crate

When deciding on a dog crate, you really need to know which one is best for you and your puppy or dog. Size does matter and you must get the correct size for your puppy when it is a full grown dog unless, you want to buy 2 crates of course.  Luckily, there are some awesome dog crates that have a great dog crate review.

My favorite and the one I have now has 2 doors and a divider in it. That way my Lily can grow into it throughout the next year or two. I personally like this crate because it is a folding crate. This way we can take the puppy camping with us. It will be easy to set up and fold down to carry. It is a SmithBuilt Premium Folding Black Dog Crate with a Divider and a Tray Pan.This Smithbuilt dog crate comes in many sizes: 20 inch, 24 inch, 30 inch, 32 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch, and 48 inch. You can decide if you want the divider in it or not. As we have Lily as a puppy right now, we have the divider in ours. She will only be 10 pounds when grown, so our crate is the 30 inch crate but she could have probably had the 24 inch small puppy crate. I also like the fact that this dog crate has two doors. No matter where you put it you can always get to your puppy. This crate has the plastic tray pan in the bottom to easily lay the puppy pee pad on if need be or to easily clean up any messes.

We actually took our dog crate and I had my husband cut a hole in the divider so Lily can go to the bathroom at night or during the day when we are not here to let her out. It works very well. She still knows where her bed is and she also knows where to potty. However, when she is out and about, she will go outside to go to the bathroom. One thought was that if that was available, would she still be able to learn to go potty outside. The answer is ABSOLUTELY! We love it!

If You Will Travel with Your Pet . . .

You will need to have an airline approved pet carrier to take flight. This is the best airline approved travel pet crate available. If you need help with the airline requirements click here.

Petmate has some fantastic carriers for you depending on how small or big your dog or puppy is or might be. If you have a puppy or dog that you can carry, I would definitely recommend this crate. As you can see it has 2 doors and a handle to make it that much easier to pick up and carry. 

This dog or puppy travel carrier holds up to 15 pounds, so it would be perfect for a small dog or puppy.

Petmate does offer many different sizes of travel crates depending on the size of your dog. This is the size we used when we had our Sparkles fly with us. Granted at that time she was only 3 months old and was right around the 10 pound weight range.

Here is another great Petmate airline approved travel carrier for heavier dogs. There are many different sizes available.

Click on the picture to check it out and see which size would be perfect for your dog.

Remember that when you are traveling with your puppy or dog to make sure to get your health certificate from your veterinarian first.


You will also want to buy a food and water bowl that attaches to the pet carrier. This one is a spill proof travel dog bowl, perfect for airplanes. 

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