10 Best Dog Chew Toys

10 Chew toys are a must in any Pet Household.

Dog Chewing on Kong

Puppies and dogs need to chew to release energy. They will seriously chew on just about anything. It is very important to puppy proof your house first because anything that is within puppy reach will be chewed up! It is almost worse than having a toddler around. Nothing is safe. Hence the reason for these great chew toys!

Best Chew Toys for Puppies 0-12 months and Beyond!

Did you know that puppies have 28 baby teeth? Oh yes, and those teeth need to come out and adult teeth need to come in. This can be a tough time for both you and your puppy. Let’s look at some of the best chew toys for puppies! Rubber toys feel great on those aching mouths, nylabone is great for keeping those teeth clean and edible ones are a great introduction to positive chewing. Let’s start with Kong!

Kong is always a favorite for many.

Kong Dog ToyYou really can’t go wrong with a Kong. They come in many sizes. Just make sure you get one big enough so your puppy can’t choke on it. Check out my video on my blog here from Kong on how to start out.


As people tend to love bacon. So do dogs!

Benebone Bacon Dog ChewHere is a great real bacon flavored toy that your dog will love. It is shaped like a wishbone, giving many different sides for your puppy to chew. It is also curved so it will fit just right into your puppies mouth in order for them to get a good grip. The only ingredients in this chew are nylon and bacon. They are made in America and Benebone supports canine welfare!

Do you have a powerful chewer?

Then this is the best dog chew toy for you. It is made from duraNylabone Dura Chewble nylon. It encourages good chewing habits and it also helps clean teeth because of the bristles that come up when it has been chewed on. This dog chew toy comes in many different flavors so you can pick the right one for your puppy. It is recommended for dogs up to 50 pounds

Nylabone has a perfect starter kit for puppies.

Nylabone Puppy Starter KitWhen we brought our puppy home at 8 weeks, we bought this pack for her. That is also why it is on my puppy starter kit page here. She loved the edible one and chewed that up within a couple days. We still have the other two bones. She still chews on them and she is now 16 weeks. They are long lasting for her and made of nylabone. I gave her the edible one first whenever she started chewing on things she was not supposed to and then she was hooked. Positive chewing for sure!

Healthy Edibles is a great chew toy for puppies!

Nylabone Healthy Edible ChewsThis is a great way to introduce your puppy to positive chewing while tasting just right for them. They will come back again and again until it is gone. My puppy absolutely loved these from the get go. These are all natural and available in 4 different sizes which makes it perfect for any size puppy dog.

Elk Antlers are one dog chew that will last and last.

Elk Antler Dog ChewI have 2 aggressive chewers here and I still have 2 elk antlers. It takes a very long time for your dog to chew these up. They are all natural and are taken from the elks after they have split off. I absolutely love these!

Large Breeds here is the chew toy for you.

Not even the most destructible dog can chew this one up. Nylabone Big Dog ChewAs always, you need to keep an eye on your chewer. Remember these are not to eat but to only chew. This dog chew toy comes in 3 different shapes and flavors to choose from. These are made for dogs that are 50 pounds or more. The raised bristles from chewing also help with teeth plaque. They are a great chew toy all around. It satisfies the natural urge to chew in a positive way!

Back to Kong!

Kong Goodie Dog ChewHere is another great chew toy for those power chewers. It even has a place to put treats to attract your dog to chew it. This dog bone is made of natural rubber to keep your dog chewing happily for hours. This dog chew toy is recommended by vets and trainers for dogs with problem behaviors or separation anxiety. You are okay to leave it with them while you are gone and it will keep their mind busy as well as their mouth. One suggestion, if you will be gone and your pet will have this at that time, add peanut butter, place it in the freezer overnight and give it to your dog before you leave. They will love it!

A toy with no end!

This circle Nylabone is perfect for those really destructive chewers. Nylabone Ring Dog ChewBecause it is a circle, there is no end or corner for your dog to start on, making it harder for them to instantly tear it apart. Trust me, my bulldog destroys just about everything within minutes. This is one that lasts. Your dog will love to put their paw in the middle to get a really good grip on the ring while they chew.

All Natural Chew that Dogs Love!

Himalayan Dog ChewHimalayan dog chews are loved by many dogs. These dog chews are made with Yak and Cow milk, Lime juice and Salt. It comes from an ancient recipe in the Himalayans. These chews last a long time, plus they don’t leave a mess or an odor. However, make sure your dog has water available because of the salt. Take a look!


Do you have a favorite chew toy for your pet? I would love to hear about it.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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