EPIC: No More Dog Fences Ever!

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No More Dog Fence? Are you Crazy?

Say “GoodBye” Original Dog Fence;

Hello Invisible Electric Dog Fence!

Dog fences can be an eye sore! Unless, of course, you don’t want anyone looking in on you. Then they make sense. Or, you have that beautiful white picket fence that people dream about. However, that does not keep your dog in your yard, right?! But . . . have you thought about an invisible dog fence to keep your dog safe? This is one of the best dog fence ideas out there!

Here is a classic example of making a beautiful dog fence.

Take a look at this guy. He spent quality time putting up a dog fence. Did it work? Well see for yourself!


Is this you? No matter what you do, you can’t build a fence high enough or strong enough to stop your pet from getting out?

City or Country – The Invisible Dog Fence will work anywhere!

I live out in the country on 3.5 acres. I don’t want only a section of my yard available because of a dog fence but I don’t want my dog to run away either. So we put in our own invisible electric dog fence. Thanks to the suggestion from our neighbors.

You see, our dog liked to visit their house but they didn’t like it so much. Talk about not being on the good side of your neighbors. They suggested the invisible dog fence and we took their suggestion to heart. Especially, since they had just put in the SportDog In-Ground Electric Dog Fence themselves and it was working on their German Shepard. So, we felt it would work on our Pit Bull and English Bulldog too.

Is it possible to DIY and invisible electric dog fence?

It sure is! We set aside a weekend and did it all ourselves. Of course, I researched which was the best electric dog fence. What I came up with was the SportDog In-Ground Pet Fence System and I have never regretted it!Sportdog Wireless Dog Fence

I love having this invisible electric dog fence. It is peace of mind for us! Our dogs can’t get out, so we never have to worry about them.

It only took us a “weekend” to install the electric dog fence!

We set aside a weekend for the dog fence installation. We used a straight edged shovel. We sectioned off about 1.5 acres for our dogs to run around and we did not run out of wire. We could have used a dog fence trencher also but we worked together and got it done with the straight edge shovel.

After you get your SportDog In-Ground Pet Fence System, you need to do a layout of your yard. Plan what areas you would like your dog to be able to get to and what areas you do not want them in.

Electric Dog Fence Plan

Make a plan 1st, then check how much wire you will need. SportDog comes with 1000 ft!

After your plan is set, make sure you have enough wire to fit the area. Your dog fence installation will most likely start in your garage. All you have to do is twist the wires and they will not shock your dog in that area until you get to the outline area you want set. You may want to rent a dog fence trencher if you are working on your own. It will go much faster, however, that would have just been an extra expense for us and we were trying to save some cash by doing it ourselves.

Our invisible electric dog fence installation only took a weekend. We were super excited to see if it worked for us. It worked for our neighbors and they had a German Shepard. We had and still have an English Bulldog and a Pit Bull at the time. It worked great! No one has gotten out since!

Once we read through the instructions for the electric dog fence training, we started right away. It says it takes around a week for the electric dog fence training. However, for our dogs it only took a couple of days and then they never cared to get close to the edge after that.

Here is a video on how great this system is!

We have now had this system for three years and we have never had a problem with it. We take the invisible fence dog collar off our dog at night and put it back on when they need to go out. The collar doesn’t seem to bother the dogs at all. It has a battery in it and as it said in the video, it will let you know when the battery is low.

Great for our puppy too!

Even our new puppy doesn’t seem to mind the invisible electric dog fence collar. She had started to become Electric Dog Fence Collar on Lilycurious and visit the neighbors. Granted she is only 7 pounds now and 18 weeks old but she can wear the collar with no problem. It only took her a day to learn that once she hears the beep, she will get a shock if she goes any farther. It has worked so well with all of my dogs, no matter their size!

As our neighborhood has grown, so has the use of electric dog fences. We now have 4 out of the 6 neighbors with an invisible electric dog fence. It is a great investment and peace of mind to not worry about your dogs getting out of your yard. Nothing can beat having a safe yard for your dog to roam around and play in!

As I stated, one of the Best DIY Electric Dog Fences is the SportDog In-Ground Fence. I have reviewed this product for you here! Please check it out and let me know what you think. It is a 10 out of 10 for our neighborhood and I know you will love it too!

If you have one or are thinking of purchasing one, please let me know below in the comments section! I would love to hear from you!

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