New Puppy

Bringing Home New Puppy

What to do when bringing new puppy home? Bringing Tea cup puppyhome the new puppy is so exciting! You have been waiting forever and the day is finally here. Now what? Before you leave, make sure to take your new puppy crate with you if you don’t plan on holding the puppy. Personally, I love holding the new puppy and my family is always excited to get a puppy, so they all come with me. To keep your new puppy safe though, you should put the puppy in a crate with a seat belt buckled around it.  Most likely, your puppy will not be used to a crate, that is okay, just put him or her in it and talk calmly the ride home. This way they get used to your voice and hopefully calm down. Most dogs do like to ride in the car, it us just a new thing for your puppy. After you get home and get out of the car with your new puppy . . .

First things first . . .

Take the puppy on a leash to your designated potty area in your yard. This will be
the spot you go to every time you want your puppy to go potty. Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 7.57.27 PMJust stand in that spot. Bring a treat with you. Tell the puppy to “go potty.” You need to use the same wording every time so they can make the connection. Make sure there is no excitement around your puppy at this time. Remember, this is all new to them and you don’t want them to feel overwhelmed. If your puppy tries to walk away without pottying, lead them back to the spot and remind them to “go potty.” Once your puppy goes potty, give a lot of praise and a treat. It is very important to do both!

After the puppy had gone potty outside, you can bring it into the area of your house you have ready or puppy proofed. It is very important that you do not leave the puppy to wander by itself.  You need to always have eyes on it as your training has already started. Love on your puppy and let them roam around your area. Most puppies tend to have to go to the bathroom every hour if they are under three months. If they have had anything to eat or drink you will want to take them out within 15 minutes to eliminate. If your puppy does have an accident in the house, do not scold. Just pick the puppy up and take them outside to your designated potty spot, wait for elimination to be finished, praise and give them a treat.

Potty Training Tips for Puppies

Watch your puppy. You need to always have eyes on them. If you are in a routine or working on one you will start to figure out when your puppy has to go potty. They tend to show signs. I know my Lily will all of the sudden start sniffing around.

Here are a few potty training tips for puppies. Take your puppy outside to the potty spot when it:

  1. puppy playingFirst awakens.
  2. Pauses during play.
  3. After it eats or drinks.

These are normal times for all dogs, not just puppies. You will notice signs that your puppy needs to go soon. Just keep watching for those signs!

Bedtime routine

Crate training for puppies really starts the first night home. Just before bedtime, take your puppy outside to your potty area. Take the time to wait for your puppy to go potty, praise it and give it a treat. Do not put the puppy to bed before it has gone potty. Once they get used to this routine it will get easier and easier. Also be calm, if your puppy is excited they won’t want to go potty or go to bed. Once your puppy is finished, put it in its crate.  A nice place for your puppy crate is by your bed at night. Your puppy will sleeping puppyfeel safer this way. This will also help when the puppy needs to go potty at night. When your puppy wakes you up, quickly take pup out to the potty area, praise and treat then put back to bed. After a few days, you will notice a specific time your puppy has to go potty. As it grows, these times will be coming farther and farther between. Remember, it is almost like you are bringing home a newborn baby. Sleeping through the night will come with time. I think this is one of the hardest things for me because I love my sleep. Having the DIY puppy apartment has helped in this aspect at my house. We don’t go outside quite so much now.

Puppy Potty Training Schedule

Daily ScheduleYour second day home you want to get a puppy potty training schedule lined up. When the puppy first wakes up, take them out to their potty spot, give your command to go potty. When the puppy potties it is helpful if you use the same praise each time. For example, “good potty,” then give a treat. Both of these tips will help in your potty training. Once the puppy has eliminated you may play for a while but make sure to watch for signs that they may have to go potty again. See my tips above.

Puppy Food Chart – How much?

Puppies need to eat 3-4 times a day when under 4 months old. Make sure to start them on an eating schedule so your puppy can come to rely on you to feed it at the same time every day. Make sure you choose a high quality food. You should have brought some of the puppies current food home with you but you will want to start weaning them onto your high quality puppy food soon. As a puppy, they need more calories than adult dogs, so they need to eat more frequently as they burn those calories up pretty fast.

Not sure how much you should be feeding your puppy? Check out this puppy feeding chart below.

Puppy Feeding Chart

Is there a puppy water schedule? The answer is no, your puppy should always have water available to them. I have a great, non-spillable water bowl that attaches to your crate at the bottom of page.

Puppies Need Plenty of Rest

Your puppy is technically still a baby and what do babies do? Sleep a lot. Make sure to keep your puppies playtimes short so your puppy can get plenty of rest. Nap times should be long at this point as resting helps them grow. Do not under any circumstances bring your puppy in your bed with you. This will just set you both up for failure in training your puppy, plus you may have a bed buddy for the rest of your life if you start now. It is just giving them the wrong idea. Have them sleep in their crate, it is the safest and best place for them.

The most important thing I can tell you is to not take your puppy anywhere to socialize until after they have had their final shots.



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