How Good is the iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher?

What is the best new dog toy for 2016?

The iFetch Automatic Ball LauncheriFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

The iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher was voted one of the best new dog toys at the 2016 GLOBAL Pet Expo! This is a great new toy for any dog who gets bored easily. Check out the iFetch video below to see how it works!

The iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher has great reviews. It comes in two different sizes. One has smaller balls for those with tiny dogs. The iFetch Too has balls the size of tennis balls. Personally, I feel the iFetch Too is a nice size for my Lily even though she is only 6 pounds. She loves to fetch tennis balls right now and this is definitely a yes for us!

iFetch Too Automatic Ball Launcher

The iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher does just what you would think. Your dog learns to place the ball inside the machine and it launches the ball so they can fetch. Dogs love it because they are playing fetch even though their human cannot play with them at that time. You can train your dog to fetch with this machine and them let them go to it while you sit and relax a bit. This is one of the best dog fetch toys! Stop dog toys boredom now! Check out my review here.

Here is the iFetch video I found to show you how it works.

Your dog will definitely have iFetch Frenzy when they play with the iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher. The iFetch Too has better reviews than the first one as the balls are bigger and the power is stronger when launching.

If your family works or goes to school all day and your puppy or dog can be trusted to run around inside the house, this may be the best dog toy for you. We all know what happens when dogs are bored? They make messes!  The puppy behavior biting will potentially stop if you have the iFetch automatic ball launcher for them to play with.

Do you know why?

Indestructible Dog BallsIt will wear them out!

Can you imagine chasing after a ball for even 10 minutes? Fatigue sets in. Especially for puppies who need a lot of sleep anyways.

On the other hand . . .

If you puppy or dog is in a crate Puppy Crate Trainingall day, you can come home on a lunch break, let your puppy out to potty first, and then start the iFetch Too and get some energy out of you puppy dog. Sounds like a nice plan to me! I wish I was able to come home at lunch but my lunch is only 20 minutes at best. I would definitely do this if I could.

Did you know you may actually need to teach your puppy or dog how to fetch?

Check out my video for a fast lesson. It is super easy. However, I recommend the puppy knows how to sit first.

Here is “How to Train a Puppy to Fetch.” Feel free to leave a comment!

I have really only worked with her a handful of times and she is really starting to get it! She has learned how to sit first while I throw it, now we just need to work on bringing it back and dropping the tennis ball without the other motivators.

I am super excited for the iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher. As you can see I think it will be a great addition to our household. Especially for Lily to get some of her energy out. I think she will love it!

How about you? Will you be purchasing the iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher? Comment below and let me know what you think!



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