How to Find your Dog BEFORE you Lose it? Whistle Dog Tracker

Did you know that

1 in 3 pets

will get lost in their lifetime?

The feeling you get when your pet is gone is horrifying. You are worried that someone took them. You wonder if they were hit by a car. Plus, the longer they are gone the farther away you feel they are getting.

Have you lost a pet in the past? I sure have. I have lost 1, never to be found again and another one who I found at the shelter. Days of sleepless nights. Hours spent wandering the neighborhood, going door to door asking if they have seen my dog. Calling out, having bad dreams, wondering if she is okay or not. Placing all my information on websites or groups that pertain to my area, asking others to share with their friends. Whistle Dog TrackerIt is an unnerving feeling that doesn’t go away until they are back in your arms again!

It is heartbreaking to lose a pet. Today, it is amazing what technology has come out with though. Check out the new item out just for pet owners. It is the “Whistle GPS Pet Tracker.”

Be still my heart!

How wonderful it would be to grab my smart phone and look on the Whistle app and see exactly where my dog is! No more searching the neighborhood going door to door, hanging flyers, posting on Facebook. All I have to do is look at an app!

The Whistle Dog Tracker is not expensive either. Think about how much we spend on our pets, between the vet, food, toys, shots and prescriptions. Why not have peace of mind knowing you will always be able to find your pet! Here is a video from Whistle. Check it out! It is kind of funny!

As the summer gets busier, it sure is nice to have the Whistle Dog Tracker. I know we are going camping with our Lilly this year. I sure don’t want to lose her in a campground. Who knows what will happen to her there. . .

Here is some information on the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker attaches to your pet’s collar, allowing you to locate your pet in minutes and track their daily activity on your phone.

  • GPS location trackingWhistle Dog Tracker
  • Attaches to your pet’s collar
  • Text & email alerts
  • Activity & health trend monitoring

Let’s look at the specs for the Whistle Dog Tracker.

Software compatibility

  • Apple iOS 7.1 or greaterWhistle Pet Tracker
  • Android device 4.0.3 or greater
  • Web app available for desktop and mobile users

Power and battery

  • Up to 10 days of continuous use


  • Shock resistant and waterproof (IP67)


  • 1.25oz – comfortable for most dogs

I love the Whistle Dog Tracker. It is just a peace of mind to know exactly where your pet is at all times. With the ability to track your pet, their actions and health trend monitoring , along with the text and email alerts, you just can’t go wrong. Check out the Whistle Dog Tracker today!

What do you think about the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker? Is it a great idea for you or do you have some worries about it? Let me know if the comments box below!


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