Don’t Pee on the Floor!

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Oh man, puppy potty training is hard work!

It is frustrating! Especially when the puppy pee’s on your floor. The key is not to yell! Say, “outside” but don’t scare them. Do not punish them in any way. Then, pick your puppy up and put them outside in their dedicated area. Tell them to go potty. Always use the same words when you take them outside.  That is one of the best ways to potty train a puppy, consistently.  Always use the same key words for certain things. puppy potty

I have dedicated a page to help you with the best way to potty train a puppy. Trust me, I get upset, but we have to remember that they are just learning and so are we. It is up to us on how well they learn and to help potty train your puppy fast. I have found that as I use the techniques I have discussed here, it goes a lot smoother.

Patience, commitmentYou must have patience, commitment and consistency with potty training your puppy! This will help you and your pup become successful. I have also learned that the sooner you start, the more successful you will be. However, just like children, some puppies are not mature enough yet but hang in there because it will soon click! Remember that they will have accidents in the house! All dogs have accidents just like you and I have accidents! It is a known part of owning a dog.

Here is my problem . . .

The four little people that live here! They are so excited to play with the puppy and then in 10 minutes they are done, but here is Lily, still running around the house. Next thing you know . . . you guessed it, pee or poop on the floor. I am sure you know who gets to clean it up. Oh yes, that would be me. I am the lucky one! This frustrates me even more, because it is not so much Lily, it is my darling kiddos.My Kids

So now, not only do I need to repeat all the same phrases to Lily, I have to make sure they repeat them also. Soon, she will recognize our elimination commands. She will do her business when we take her out but until then, patience is a virtue.

Things I didn’t know!

  • Smaller breeds are harder to potty train as they have small bladders. Makes sense.
  • A puppy can usually hold it’s bladder an hour for every month of age. Okay, four months is four hours.
  • A routine is best! Morning, afternoon, night.
  • Take your puppy out when he wakes, after he eats, after he plays and after he drinks. Good to know!Kelly's puppy

Here are my top phrases:

“Go Potty and Go Poop,” because she likes to poop once outside and then she saves some for me when she comes back inside. Isn’t that so nice of her! I let the vet know that she was doing this and she suggested to put Lily back in her crate and try again in another 10 minutes. So this is what my morning consists of. Even though we have the puppy apartment crate, she will not poop in there anymore. “Yay,” but then we have to make sure she goes poop outside or it will be on my floor.  After she does eliminate finally I tell her “good potty” or “good poop” each time so she can make that connection, plus she gets her treat right away. Then, she can come in and play for a while with my other two dogs, Goatie Girl and Sparkles, while we are watching her.

Cleaning Up

When cleaning up the puppy pee off the floor, you have to make sure you get a good part of the surrounding area also. First, soak everything you can up with paper towels. Next, poor some hot water on it and soak that up as much as you can. The final step is to get a high quality pet odor neutralizer on the pee spot and the surrounding area. Trust me, you want to do this so your pet doesn’t come back to the same spot. If they can still smell their urine, they will pee again there. This is even more frustrating. Do you have a certain cleaner you use? I would love suggestions in my comments section at the bottom.

As always, when you are gone, use a dog crate or a dog exercise pen to keep your pet in. Until your pet has been successful for a few months, keep them in a crate at night also. I have a DIY puppy apartment that I use while we are gone. Check it out here. I feel it is a lifesaver!
Ex-pen and CrateAlways Stay Positive!

It is hard I know, but I look at it as every day is a “New Day!” That’s all you can do. Then, one day, you won’t even have to think about it anymore. Your puppy will be potty trained!

Celebrate Good Times

Please let me know if you have a certain brand of cleaner that you use to neutralize the floor. I would love suggestions. Comment below!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Pee on the Floor!

  1. Jim

    Hi Lilianna, I couldn’t get past that (oh no, I’m gonna say it) adorable picture of those two. Too cute, man oh man. That’s a clicker with that alone.

    I think the title is fine…you could substitute a word like like piddle (for pee) in there somewhere and make a joke of it.

    I’d have to say it’s high time somebody put a site out like this. Too many people get puppies and have no idea what to do, not to mention those who get an pet who really shouldn’t. But at least they’ll have a starting point now.


    1. Kelly Post author

      Trust me, I know. My mom is a foster dog parent and she walks dogs from the shelter on Saturdays. You wouldn’t believe the reasons people give their pets up. Selfish for sure. Thanks for your comment. Hopefully people will find the site and read before they get a puppy.

  2. Arief

    Ohh.. I remembered those days. It was such a difficult time to potty train my dog. If I let my dog go outside the house, she would definitely take her time doing her business. By taking her time, I meant she played around first. Chased the birds, cats, passer-bys, etc. Then only by then she would do her business.

    But when she was older, she always scratched the front door to let us know she wanted to do her business. How I missed her.

    1. Kelly Post author

      Yes, I swore we were not going to get another puppy but then my kids talked me into it. I love the little gal! Luckily I have grown up with dog but writing this website has really given me some good strategies that work with potty training. Now to get the word out there. Will you get another dog? Sounds like you really loves your last one.

  3. Matt's Mom

    Yes, I remember these days with my first puppy. I have since adopted a little guy from a shelter. He is between 1 and 2, so not really a puppy. Do you think these techniques will work?

    1. Kelly Post author

      Congratulations! We also have an adopted dog from the shelter. These techniques will definitely work. You just need to be patient and consistent. Treats always work well as a motivator. Please keep me updated and let me know how it goes!


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