Don’t Buy a Puppy Dog Crate

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Don’t Buy a Puppy Dog Crate unless . . .

. . . you know how big your puppy dog will be. Crate training is a great idea as it is a valuable house training aid.  So before you bring that little bundle of joy home you want to get a dog crate. A crate is one of the most important items you will ever own for you dog or puppy. One mistake a lot of new owners make is getting a crate that is by far too big. However, now there is this great puppy dog crate that has a divider in it.Dog Crate with Divider

I swear, it is the best thing ever! That way you can get a crate that will someday be big enough for your puppy dog, but until that day comes you have a divider in it so you are only taking up enough space for your puppy to lay. This will help with puppy potty training as most dogs don’t go potty where they lay. These great foldable dog crates are very easy to fold up and tear down so it can go wherever you and your puppy go.

Now to figure out the size of the dog crate that you need.

Here are some guidelines. If you aren’t sure how big your pup will be, I would look up the breed or breeds of the dog and see the range of pounds and height.

Size Measurement Suggested Dog Weight
Extra Small 20Lx13Wx16H 1-10 pounds
Small 24Lx17Wx19H 11-25 pounds
Medium 30Lx18Wx20H 26-40 pounds
Large 36Lx22Wx25H 41-70 pounds
Extra Large 42Lx27Wx30H 71-90 pounds
XX Large 48Lx29Wx32H 90+ pounds

As always, crates are a secure way to confine your dog or puppy for short periods of time during the day and to use as a comfortable bed at night. Both my Sparkles and my Lily love their crates. Sparkles will go into her crate at any time during the day as that is her secure and safe place. If you use your crate correctly, your dog or puppy will feel the same way. The crate will give her/him the feeling of having its own private room to call their own.

Which type of crate should you buy?

Nowadays, there are some fancy crates out there. The type of crate you would like, all depends on your taste. Here is a nice looking one that others may not realize is a dog crate. There are other more common ones like a wire or plastic crate that I have reviewed here.

I, myself, have found that my dogs prefer the wire ones over the plastic. I am not sure if it is because they can see everything that’s going on or because the ventilation is fantastic. However, if your dog likes a darker quiet place, then a plastic one is right for you. Also, if you plan on traveling, a plastic one fits the airline requirements.

Which crate would you prefer for your new puppy or dog? Leave a comment and let me know! You all know which one my family prefers!

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  1. Eloah

    I am a huge animal lover and I’ve had many dogs in my life time. They truly make a great companion. Crate training is a must and you are absolutely correct! You need to have an idea of how big your puppy will be in order to purchase a crate. Great informative site!


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