Dog Haircuts

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Dog Haircuts can be cute or terrible!

Today was our terrible day for one of our dog haircuts experiences. She had her Bishon Frise hair all matted from camping and we had to get it chopped and start over. Did you know you should ask some basic questions before picking a dog groomer? Obviously, I did not, so here are my words of wisdom for you! First, look at my Lily:(

Take a look for yourself!

Bad Dog Haircuts

Bad Dog Haircut Day Summer Dog Haircut

I loved Lily’s curls and fuzzy hair. I am so glad it is summer though, so she will not be cold by any means like she would in our awful Michigan winters! So that is something to be thankful about. 

Bad Dog Haircuts

Lily’s Bad Haircut – Summer Dog Haircut





Know your Groomer

So be careful out there. Know your groomer and if they will take the time to de-matt. Unfortunately, I waited to long to get Lily in to her normal groomer and had to take her somewhere else. Lesson learned and we for sure will not wait more than 6 weeks to get her groomed. I am also thinking about having each of my 4 children pick a night to comb her. Maybe that way we can keep her hair beautiful once it grows back!

I found this video to help with matting that your dog may incur. This video shows you what you need to do if your dog’s hair is matted. Be careful as you can hurt your pup! Now I know what to do next time.


Questions to ask before you pick a Groomer!Grooming a dog

  1. Where did you go to school at or where were you trained at?
  2. How many years have you been grooming dogs?
  3. Do you have any credentials? (Do they really know what they are doing?)
  4. Do you groom the dog in front of the customer? Do I stay or leave? 
  5. Do you have any areas of expertise? (Maybe you want to see if they have groomed your type of dog or dog breed before?)
  6. How long does a grooming session usually take? (Mine takes about an hour.)
  7. Where do you keep the dogs when you are not grooming them? (Clean crate is preferred.)
  8. What do you do if the dog is scared? Will you let me know?
  9. What types of dryers do you use? (You want dryers that recirculate air.”)
  10. What does your grooming package include and what is the price?
  11. Lastly, ask them for a few referrals or see if anyone you know has used them before and are happy with them. 

Also, if your dog has allergies, make sure to let your groomer know and bring your own shampoo with you. 

So . . .

What do you think? Has your dog ever had a bad haircut? If so, send me a picture and I will make a page of bad dog haircuts!

Beautiful Dog Haircuts










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