How to House Train Puppy to Sit

How to Train your Dog to Sit

Train dog SitTraining a puppy or dog to sit is probably one of the easiest commands you can teach. To train a puppy to sit is basically you saying the command and showing them how to respond. Treats work very well for this. There are a couple of different ways you can train your dog to sit. I use both of them when starting out and your puppy or dog will catch on quickly. Especially if you have a treat in hand.

How to train a puppy to sit you ask?

There are a couple of different ways to train a puppy to sit. The most common one being that you have a treat in one hand and your other hand free to use if need be. Let the dog smell and lick your hand with the treat in it. You will lure them into the sitting position by gently raising your hand and placing the treat just above the head but centered in-between the eyes and nose. Don’t hold the treat too high though as you don’t want them to jump for it.

Introduce the treat for a few times, watching your dog naturally sit when you move the treat back. As the dog comes up to get the treat their bottom should naturally go down to the floor. Next, do the same thing but say “Sit” when they get to the sitting position.  As soon as their bottom touches the floor you praise and give the treat. Soon the will learn your hand signal for it. See all the hand signals below.

Here is a video on how to teach dog “Sit”

I always like to know which signals are common when training your puppy to . . . Here is a great dog training hand signals chart that will show you it all.

Dog Training Hand Signals Chart

Dog Training Hand Signals Chart

The one we are working with today is the Train Dog Sit Hand Signal – Your hand will be palm up moving from straight out to straight up.

Treats Work Wonders

You will want to work on training your puppy to sGrain Free Puppy Foodit for a short period of time as they don’t have a long attention span. Make sure to work on the train a puppy to sit command a few times a day for only a couple of minutes. You will see that your puppy will learn to sit fast but usually you will need the treats for a while. I use Lily’s Grain Free puppy food for her treats and that works great. We work together right before she eats so she is interested in her treat. She has to eat anyways, while give a filler, give the real thing!

Teaching a puppy to sitHere is my Lily at 19 weeks old. She still needs a treat when we are training her to sit. This is a picture of her dressed up sitting pretty though. I didn’t have to use a treat this time! She is not so sure about the outfit but she’s a country girl now! I love to dress her up and so do my kids. More outfits to come I am sure!

Train Dog Sit

Another way to train your dog to sit is to have a collar on your dog. Place one hand through the collar. Place the other hand on the dogs shoulders. As you gently pull the collar back, slide your hand down from their shoulders to their bottom to place them in a sitting position. As you are gently making them sit, say their “name” and the “sit” command.

Video with a Dog who doesn’t want to sit at first.

To Conclude on “How to Train your Dog to Sit”

As always, treats are the most effective way to train your puppy or dog to sit or any other command for that matter. Make sure to practice for short periods of time each day until your puppy or dog will do the command without the treat consistently.

Always be positive and give lots of praise. Make sure they are connecting your tone of voice and hand signals with the sit command. Remember that tone really makes a difference. If you don’t say it the same way your puppy will not learn the correct behavior. Click here to see how dogs learn. It really does matter what tone you use.

Remember, even when you think they have learned the command, you can always go back to the beginning and start again if your pup is not consistent in the sit command
The final goal is to have a consistent, reliable response each and every time a command is given, only then can you celebrate!Fireworks

I would love to know which way you are using when training your puppy to sit. Write a comment below.

I, myself, have used both ways with my Lily and we are also still working with treats!

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