DIY How to House Train Puppy

How to House Train Puppy

House Train Puppy

How to house train puppy is a common question that new puppy owners tend to ask themselves.

“So where do you even start?” Great question!

Let’s start at the beginning. You have purchased all the supplies on your bringing puppy home checklist! You have started your potty training tips puppies. Now you need to know how to house train puppy!

I will tell you that puppies from 8 weeks to 4 months are just babies. They are very immature and are trying to learn the basics of puppy potty training. They don’t have a very long attention span. However, you can start to house train you puppy right away! Just work a few minutes at a time.Puppy Studying This is you being the “teacher” of preschool for puppies.
Preschool for puppies has to start before puppy kindergarten. Here you are getting your puppy to have some basic commands before the real deal happens. At this point you can’t take your puppy out an about anyways because it hasn’t received all its shots. It is not safe to visit other puppies.

At this stage there are 3 effective phases to help house train your puppy.


Phase 1 – You need to get the puppy to make the connection between the command and the desired behavior.


#2Phase 2 – You need to practice the exercise over and over again with a positive outcome. Use whatever motivates your puppy as a reward. “This is you handling the puppy.” For example, you tell the puppy to “sit.” After you say sit, push the puppies bottom down so they memorize the command       with the word. Remember my post on how dogs learn?

#3Phase 3 – Testing phase. This is not suggested until they are 4 months old.  This is when you tell them the command, and they do it all by themselves. If they do this you will praise and reward big time! If your puppy does not do it, correct and reward.

Now, there are two different techniques you can use. One is inducive and the other is compulsive.  Inducive is when you use an attractive object to get your puppy to do what you want it to. Compulsive is you gently placing your puppy in the desired position. Remember, there is never a reason to be rough with your puppy.

Pros vs. ConsPros and Cons to Each Technique

Inducive Pros – Dogs tend to learn faster with this technique. They can make the association to commands faster when they have an object that they like involved. Dogs seem to respond in a more animated regimen also.

Inducive cons – Doesn’t let the dog know you are in charge. Leads to mouthing its human.

Compulsive Pros – The dog will know who is in charge, you! You are showing them exactly what you expect when each time you say a certain word.

Compulsive Cons – Dogs learn slower and will need more practice with this approach. Training isn’t as fun for the dog.

I like both of these approaches but I really think you need to house train puppy with a little bit of each one. I would suggest starting with inducive when you first get you puppy but then lead into compulsive. Using both of these methods means that your puppy can have fun while house training plus, gain respect for its humans.

Puppy PreschoolHow to house train puppy tips?

  • Make a dog training commands list first.
  • Start with a quiet room with little distractions.
  • Puppy must be rested but have already had some play time.
  • Training time can not be around meal time.
  • Your puppy should have already gone potty.
  • YOU must be in a relaxed and patient mood.

Here is a great example of a dog training commands list. You may go in any order. These are some basic dog training commands. I will go into detail on how to train each one. Check back later for the links!

  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. Stay
  4. Down-Stay
  5. Come
  6. Greeting without Jumping
  7. Quiet
Puppy SittingIs there any special command you are looking to teach your puppy?
Comment below and I will help you out!

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