DIY Dog House

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I always see these cute dog hoTeddy Bear Puppyuses and think “man I can make that.” A DIY dog house is a definite for me.   It is a super cute house  and I think my Lily will love it.

You see, once outside, during the summer of course, I would love to give my dog a spot to chill but never get to hot. As I was growing up, we always had a dog house outside because we had many dogs. Well now that my Lilly has gone camping with us, she loves to be outside. Especially when those squirrels are around!

Once back home from camping with our dog Lily, we decided that we need to make a dog house for next year, hence the idea of a DIY dog house. I have been searching for plans forever and I came across a site that you can specifically order a book with tons of woodworking plans.

Starbarks doghouse



Look at this cute dog house I found from pinterest. I can just picture my little puppy princess in this house. It is so cute! I love the colors. I love the black, white, and green colors.  I also love Starbucks coffee and for them to put Starbarks on it was “amazing.” I wonder if that really is their dogs name or just a place for the dog to chill out?! That is a question for another time I suppose . . .


Anyways, back to dog houses. Here is a BIG dog house with a slanting roof. Perfect to keep the heat in the back of the house. That way if you dog is cold it can go farther back where their is not much ceiling space and the heat stays low. OR if it is hot, the dog can just hang its head out for cool air.

Large slanted dog houseMy grandmother used to have a dog that stayed outside all year long. It’s name was Lucky, and Lucky was her protector because my grandpa had passed away. Lucky’s doghouse looked like this one. This is a large dog house. In my case, fortunately we only need the smaller one for my Lily (Teddy Bear Puppy) . However, if  my Goatie Girl ever decides that she wants to spend some great summertime outside, this would be a great one for her because she is a large dog (Pit Bull).

Another idea is a dog bench. My brother actually made one and they are so cute inside or outside the house. It only took him 2 days to finish it. I think the DIY plans are def
initely needed for any woodworking desires. It is always good to have a plan right?!wooden dog bed

Of course you will need a nice orthopedic dog bed to go with it as the wood would probably be a little uncomfortable for your dog to lay on. I know I love me some memory foam and only the best for my fur babies. Orthopedic Dog BedJust put a bow on it and it’s a great Christmas Present for your puppy dog.  I personally live this one because my Lily loves to hang her head down and she can do that without drooling all over the floor.


Okay, so here are my thoughts on dog houses. If your dog likes to stay out side, dog houses are a great idea as they give your dog some shade. If you dog is always in the house,  unless you want a cute house like the StarBarks house, I would just forget about a dog house. If your dog is always outside, then you definitely need a dog house. Remember to build a house that will fit your pet when they are full grown. Otherwise you will have to buy two.

Place your DIY dog house is a dry spot so it won’t rot from snow or rain. Make it beautiful and get your dog a great comfy dog bed and let them go for it.  Your dog will thank you for it all.

What is your favorite dog house? If you google them, there are some really unique ones. I may save that for a different future post. If you have a dog house you made. Send me a picture. I would love to see it!


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