Best Dog Breeds for Families

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What is are some of the Best Dog Breeds for Families and Kids?

The Labrador Retriever is Number 1 pet yet again, according to the AKC.

These dogs are great with kids, and once grown they settle down to become a calm dog. They are willing to please, which makes training easier. They are considered a great watch dog, however, because of their demeanor, they may lick a burglar to death instead of protecting the house. Do you have a labrador retriever? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below to let me know!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers have a willingness to please like no other dog. They make training highly successful and quite often very easy. These dogs will bend over backwards to please you and you will fall in love with them pretty much immediately.

These dogs love tennis balls and doggie treats when training. While they may be very excitable as puppies, they are calm as an adult dog. Their temperament is a gentle one and they love children. These dogs need exercise, so if you are looking for a partner in running or going for walks, they are an excellent choice. They will become a couch potato if you let them though, so keep them moving daily!  Leave a comment below if you are in love with a Golden Retriever. Let me know your thoughts about this lovely breed!


Are beagles good family dogs? You bet! I grew up with beagles and my mother currently has one now. They are just great family dogs. They are very smart, even though you may not think that. These dogs have a knack for smelling and their nose can tend to get them into trouble. Beagles need to be trained young, very young. This breed needs to trust you, so start bonding with you beagle puppy immediately. You will also need to nix the biting and mouthing early as this breed is great with children. You would feel awful if they took a bite out of one though. Train them right and you are golden. Do you have a beagle? Let me know in my comments below. 

English Bulldog

I have a bully. She is one of the best dogs ever. She is almost 8 years old now. We got her as a pup. Bullies are great with kids. They will seriously just lick them to death if they could. Sparkles loves her crate though. If you decide on a bully, make sure they have their own space. They will use it if they My Sparkle buttget overwhelmed. My Sparkles loves her crate. Bulldogs are very intelligent and will most likely think for themselves. They can be stubborn at times. Training is a must from the get go. They want to be a part of the family, so plan on having a heavy lap dog. A bulldog has the mentality of being a prince or princess and if you want one you will have an amazing friend for life! They can definitely lighten your day because the moment you walk in they will greet you with their silly little shuffling booty. Even though they don’t have a tail, you can tell when they are happy because their whole back end will move from side to side. I love my bully! Let me know the best part if your bully in my comment section below!


A pug is a great dog that doesn’t take up a lot of room. They are pretty even tempered. They are outgoing and love to play. Having children will be a bonus with the pug. They are just the right size to play with small children. A pug will want to be next to you and your family as you are their “people.” They
are definitely a companion dog and are very obedient with the right training.  The pug is easy to please and doesn’t need a lot of exercise. A pug will be your best friend for life. How are you with your pug? Leave a comment below!

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a small, playful and affectionate breed. They are perfect for families. They are also a perfect lapdog but will definitely let you know if someone is lurking about. French Bulldogs need quite a bit of training as they tend to have big personalities. You want to start training as soon as possible to keep this breed a proper companion for you and your family. They love to please their owners and are very trainable with food as a motivator. Puppy classes would be a great idea for the French Bulldog to get them socialized with people and other dogs. If you have a French bulldog let me know your thoughts below in my comment section!

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a large breed dog that is very active and outgoing. These dogs are famous for their grace and speed, plus they are absolutely beautiful. I used to have a best friend with an Irish Setter, that was a great dog. She loved to be played with and was so very friendly.Irish Setters

When training the Irish Setter, you need to do it in short little spouts because of their love to play. You need to stay positive as they are very upbeat and sensitive. Train them positively and they will learn very quickly. The Irish Setter is like a big kid and will act like it for the first two or more years. Think of this before choosing an Irish Setter. Irish Setters will be a great pet for an active family who loves to spend time with their dog. Let me know about your Irish setter in the comments below!


We all remember Lassie right? What an awesome dog she was!

Collies will be the love of your life. They are so beautiful and loving. You can’t go wrong with a Collie. I grew up with a few Collies over the years and they are the perfect dog to love. They are great for protecting you and your family. The Collie will always need companionship. These dogs are friendly along with highly intelligent. They are proud and beautiful. They will learn your moods and be there for you always. These are fantastic family dogs as they love children. The Collie does need to be exercised daily and loved on. They need to be trained using gentle words as they can feel your moods. Gentle training will work well as Collies are easily trainable. You really just can’t go wrong with a Collie. If you have a Collie, let me know your story below in my comments!


Just look at this dog! If you want a huge teddy bear, this is the dog for you. The Newfoundland is a water loving dog! It will need daily exercise. The Newfoundland is known for being the sweetest dog around and they absolutely love kids and are called “the nanny dog!” It’s a win win, I tell you! Since these dogs are great with kids, they are also gentle, social and sweet. They are known to be cheerful.

The Newfoundland will respond best to gentle guidance like the Irish Setter. These dogs can get up to 150 pounds. They are a great watchdog and if it comes down to it, they will defend and protect you and your family. Obviously by looking at their coat, they could use a colder climate to live in.

If you want a big, courageous dog, then this is the perfect pet for you. Let me know if you have a Newfoundland and your experiences below in my comment section! 

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is known for being alert and playful. Their outgoing personality makes them a great family dog. They are intelligent and cheerful with almost human-like expressions. This breed is known to be a good watchdog. They love to have lots of interactions and are in need of daily walks. However, if this breed gets bored, “Watch Out” as they can be destructive. Early crate training is a must. They think the world of their family and will be your true friend forever. If not, they will surely have a broken heart. If you have a Brussels Griffon, give me a shout out in my comments and let me know your thoughts!

As always, I welcome your comments! If you have any personal stories with any of these breeds I would love to hear about them.

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