New Puppy Starter Kit

Never wait until the last minute to get puppy dog supplies for your new puppy. Make a list and check it twice. Checklist

You will need to do your research first to find the best pet supplies. Luckily, I have put a list together for you and eight items you will definitely need. I have found from experience that if you wait until the last minute, you start paying massive boo ku bucks at the pet stores. That is why I love the internet! One reason I love Amazon Prime! I get it in two days and they have great pricing. You can seriously find the best deal on everything as long as you have the time to wait for it to come. Hence, researching those puppy pet supplies for your New Puppy Starter Kit. Trust me, you want these items. It could be the difference between frustration and success in those first few transitioning days. You don’t need to buy everything you hear about. So let’s talk about what you really need! Here is the puppy supplies checklist for you!

First Things First – A Puppy Dog Crate

As I stated before, you want to research the breed of your puppy or dog you are getting so you can choose the right size crate. Check out my post to see what size is best for you and your puppy. The crate will be your puppies home within your home. It is their own little space to call their own. They will feel safe and secure in it and will LOVE it!

You may find that you want an exercise dog pen also. These are great to keep your new puppy dog in one place within your house without them soiling everywhere. IExercise Dog Pen have had it both ways, a dog crate and a dog pen, and am actually thinking about buying a exercise pen for my Lilly now. Mine will be used outside of my house because she would rather research the yard than go potty. I am looking to get the pen to put her in so she can do her business quickly and come back in for these cold months here in Michigan. However, you can really go either way with the exercise dog pen though. It is not a necessity at this time but is a nice little extra to help with the potty training.

Second Item – Training Puppy Pee Pads

All absorb training padTraining puppy pee pads are a life saver. If you have a puppy you have to get these! Personally, I like to buy puppy pee pads in bulk, they are cheaper that way. One box may be all you need! One of the most popular ones and the ones that I use are All Absorb Training pads. I think these are the best puppy training pads ever! They come in different sizes that fit your puppy dog crate but are a favorite among a lot of us with puppies.

Third Item – Puppy Food – The best dog food for puppy!

Puppy food is a necessity. You should be getting a bag of food from whomever you get your puppy from but then you will need to start weaning them onto the food you have chosen for them slowly. For me, I just started adding a little bit of my food each day to the food that I had been given until she was on all of my puppy food. If you change their puppy food over too fast, you will be in for a huge mess. Trust me, we all learn from our mistakes, right?! I have learned from my experiences and I am here to help you so you don’t make the same mistake.

I love, love, love, Grain-Free Puppy and Dog Food. I feel this is the best dog food for a puppy. I have my older dogs on grain-free and they have NO GAS! Can you believe that? They used to stink up my whole house, now nothing! Plus, their waste deteriorates faster in my yard, and their skin is beautiful! I will never go back. My Lily is now on Grain-Free Puppy Food. I personally like “Taste of the Wild Bison” for her but there are other flavors also. The higher the quality of dog food the better your pup can absorb the ingredients. The greater the amount of food absorbed by your puppy dog, the less waste that comes out. Seriously, it is a win/win! GRAIN FREE Taste of the Wild Bison

How many times does the puppy need to eat you ask? Most puppies need to eat at least three times a day, just like we do. Scheduled mealtimes will make it easier to housebreak your puppy. If you can’t get home midday you can either leave food out or they can learn to wait until you come home. I personally don’t like to leave food in their crate because it makes a mess and once they eat, it must come back out. Puppies usually have to go to the bathroom 15-30 minutes after they eat or drink. Just an FYI for ya.

Make sure to look at the back or side of the puppy or dog food bag to see the recommended dosage for you puppy. Dogs can become overweight just like humans so be careful. When training your puppy dog, you will also want to have small treats to help praise when they do something right. The puppy dog treats don’t have to be anything big. Just a treat that your puppy dog will enjoy and want to get more of.

Fourth Item – Retractable Dog Leash

If you plan to take walks with your dog, a retractable dog leash can really benefit you as it is a great training tool. The puppy dog retractable leash will give your puppy the retractable leashfreedom it wants but you can pull him or her in if need be. I love the retractable leash because it is one of the best ways to teach your puppy to “come” to you when you call them. This is a must in training! Plus you need a leash to walk your dog anyways.

Fifth Item – Collar or Harness

It is all up to you and your preference on a collar. Personally, I like the puppy dog harness better just because it does not choke your pet. It is hard for a puppy to even Collar with EngravingKurgo Tru-Fit Harnesslearn how to walk on a leash, let alone being choked. I just feel the puppy dog harness is much better than the regular puppy dog collar. Now, if you are one to have your dog wander around your yard and they could somehow get out, a collar would be a great addition because you can put your dog collar id tags on or have them engraved like the ones above. These would give a great peace of mind in case your puppy dog ever ran away. If a puppy dog runs away, the collar and pet ID tag is the first thing someone looks for.

Sixth Item –  Puppy Food and Water Bowls

Obviously your puppy has to eat and drink. The best puppy food and water bowls are ones that are stainless steel. puppy food and water bowlsThe reasoning behind this is that it is very hard for your puppy to chew the bowl up once the food is gone. Plastic pet bowls get chewed on constantly, especially if it is in your puppies crate.

Another tip is to get a heavier puppy food and water bowl so they don’t tip over easily and make a mess, plus your puppy would not be able to get a good drink and may get dehydrated. Puppies need a lot of water during the day and a bowl that doesn’t tip over is a great thing!

Seventh Item – Best Puppy Chew Toys

Chew toys are a must! Along with the best puppy chew toys in my book, they are also a safe puppy chew toy and we have been through a lot. Right now, I currently have 2 elk antlers and all of my dogs love them. They are safe, real elk antlers. elk antlerElk Antlers that have been shed, so there is no danger to the elks or your puppy dog. These antlers are a long lasting chew toy for your puppy or dog. You want to make sure you get real elk antlers and not the nylon ones. There are also deer antlers but those are denser and can hurt your puppy dog. I would not suggest a deer antler.

editable chew bones


Another favorite for my puppy dog is the Healthy Editable Bones. It is an editable treat that Lily loves and it takes her about 3-4 hours to chew it up at 14 weeks old. As always, monitor your puppy dog when they are chewing on these toys.

A treat that your puppy dog will love to play with you on is a Knot Rope. Tug of War with your puppy is a great time and the knot rope also helps to keep your puppy dogs teeth clean. These ropes are also great for the aggressive chewing puppy dog. knot ropeThere are multiple types of ropes out there. I have chosen one of my favorites here for my Goatie Girl. She is a pit bull and loves to play tug of war with this rope. She plays it with Lily, my children and I.

Eighth Item – Puppy Dog Supplies

mane n tailPuppy dog shampoo – Trust me you will need to bathe your puppy, probably pretty often too. One of the shampoos and conditioners I use is the Mane N’ Tail. It makes my puppy dogs smell good, and their hair is super soft and shiny. Use this shampoo and conditioner along with the grain-free puppy food and you will have one healthy looking puppy dog.

dog comb & brushYou will also need a good comb or brush after puppy bath time is done. The type of comb or brush you will need will depend on your pets hair texture. I have a brush for my Pit Bull and English Bull Dog and I have a comb for my Teddy Bear Puppy.

Most of all, enjoy your puppy! It will be a lot easier once you have all of these items in stock. Of course, you can buy a lot more but these are all a must have!

I would love to hear of any suggestions you may have if you find something that absolutely make puppy life easier. Email me or leave a comment on a post.

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