Before Puppy

Life as you know it will change . . .Sparkles upside down

. . . most likely for the better but you have to put the work into taking care of your new puppy. As most of you know, puppies are a lot of hard work. They are truly a puppy for one to two years. It is a big responsibility to take care of a pet, let alone a puppy. There is a lot to consider when you are thinking about getting that precious puppy.

Let’s talk about why you want to get a puppy.

Are you thinking about that cute face that you will get to hold and cuddle or are you thinking about how the puppy can benefit your life? There are so many questions to ask yourself before you start this new adventure.

Here are some questions to think about.Question Mark

  • Do you want something to care about to help fulfill your life?
  • Do you have extra time to dedicate to a puppy?
  • Does everyone in your family agree that it is the right time to get a puppy?
  • Will there be negativity to the puppy?
  • Will the puppy be safe?
  • Will your puppy be in the house or outside?
  • Are you even allowed to have a pet where you live?
  • Will you have time to crate train your puppy?
  • Are you okay with having accidents in your home?
  • Have you thought about the pet expenses that you will and could incur?
  • What will you do with your pet when you go on vacation?
  • Is your house puppy proofed? If not, can you puppy proof it?

and the most important question is . . .

  • Will this be your lifelong pet? If not, then don’t do get a pet.Never Ending Wharf

I don’t mean to be frank but there are so many pets that people just give up for selfish reasons. Shelters are full, rescues are full. Pets are meant to be a part of the family. One family. It is not fair to bring a pet into your life that you haven’t taken the time to think about keeping for the long haul. Granted, things do happen, but can you imagine if you were all of the sudden put into another family? It just isn’t fair to do. This is something to really ponder. You have to be willing to commit years to your pet. Some pets live up to almost 2o years! That is a long time.

Do the research. Take the time. Pray about it. This is a big step to take with a lot of responsibility to go with it. Know for sure before you bring that energetic bundle of puppy joy home!



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