Another Mess!

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What a mess!Dog Chew Mess

You come home one day, excited to see your beautiful puppy and you are greeted with a mess.

Has this every happened to you? I can tell you it has definitely happened to me. More than once too. Puppy chewing problems are the worst!

Here is one of my stories. I bought this awesome new bed for my Sparkle girl one day. It was so pretty and just perfect for her. It fit her cage wonderfully. I get her all set and I am thinking she loves it! I go to work, come back home and . . . you guessed it, stuffing everywhere! What a mess! That was her in her crate. Can you imagine if I left her out of her crate while I was gone? Yea, it would be an even bigger mess. She definitely had a dog chewing problem.

When do puppies stop chewing you ask?Dog Chewing on Kong

Really, I don’t think they ever do. Both Sparkles and Goatie Girl will chew up tennis balls and ropes. They are now 7 almost 8 years old. I am sorry to burst your bubble but you really never stop the puppy chewing! It just turns into having to stop the dog chewing.

Luckily, now Goatie and Sparkles do only chew things that are theirs. The tennis balls and ropes are theirs, which get chewed up. We just discovered elk antlers. Those are a must in any household with dogs or puppies. They seem to last a long time! Not even my bulldog has chewed it up yet. However, if my kids leave a pencil on the floor. You got it, destroyed within minutes!

Now with my Lily, at 4 months, she has only chewed on the chew toys that we have for her. Over time, when she has started to chew on something she shouldn’t, we grab one of her puppy chew toys, give her it and say “no” while taking the no-chew item away. Check out all the great chew toys here. I have chosen the 10 best for you. Trust me, they are lifesavers!

Chewing on FurniturePuppies will chew on anything they can get their sweet baby teeth on. We have gone through a lot of furniture in years past from the puppy chewing wood. They seem to be attracted to it. To keep the puppy from chewing everything you must be proactive. If you are crate training and the puppy is only out when you are around, you should be able to stray the puppy away from chewing on the furniture. However, if your puppy is loose in your house when you are gone, you know it will happen. Crate training is the best for chewing puppies and dogs.

Puppy chewing problems will continue unless you have great puppy chew toys. Puppies tend to chew on anything they can get their mouth around, then they bite off chunks that they end up swallowing. This could in turn pierce their intestine wall and hurt or even kill them. YOU DON’T WANT THAT! So be safe. Keep puppy chewing on the right chew toys and not your furniture, shoes or anything dangerous!

Stop Dog Chewing Now – Stop Puppy Chewing Now

Chewing is one of the most frustrating parts of puppyhood, other than puppy potty training. It can turn from a cute mouthing of your finger to a very destructible puppy chewing on your furniture.

The urge to chew is very natural in dogs. We see this during the puppy independence phase around four months. We are at this stage with Lily now. Always just expect your puppy to be a strong chewer and be ready for it. Buy some puppy chew toys before you get to this stage because between 7-9 months will be worse. Train your puppy now!

One of my dogs favorite chew Elk Antler Dog Chewtoys is the Elk antler. This is a great item that lasts through even the toughest of chewers. We have had ours for months now and it is still going strong and I have three dogs. Sparkles chews through everything and she can’t get this one even started.

Another great suggestion is the Kong.Kong Dog Toy  The Kong is made of rubber. With the original Kong, you can add food to it to attract your dog or puppy to chew on it. We have tried many rubber items and the Kong brand is a good brand to trust.


Nylabones are my next suggestion. Nylabone Big Dog ChewThey usually come in different flavors of natural meat. The Nylabone is a safe and cheaper way to help with your puppy dogs chewing needs. These can’t splinter off, chip or break into large chunks, plus they help with keeping your dogs teeth clean. Bonus! Nylabones are very therapeutic and will help your dog channel all of their chewing energy into a constructive chewing instead of destructive chewing.

Best Advice to Stop Dog Chewing

Naughty puppyDo not allow your puppy to chew on anything but what they can chew on. As soon as you see them start chewing on something they shouldn’t, take it away, say “no” and then give them an item they can chew on. If you start when they are a puppy, you are starting the training for a constructive chewing dog.

IF your dog goes any type of stress, be ready for the chewing to start again. Make sure to always keep a chew toy that they love in stock. You never know when your dog may be in the mood to chew.Benebone Bacon Dog ChewDoes your dog have a favorite chew toy?

I would love to hear about it!
Let me know in my comment section below!


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