100% Yes to Dog Exercise Pen

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Do You Want a Dog Exercise Pen to Help with Puppy Training? The answer is 100% YES!

Here is my reasoning behind this. . . Dog exercise pens are great because you can keep your pet contained but not limited to a crate for a long period of time. If you tend to be gone all day long, would you want to be stuck in a crate for that amount of time? I am guessing not.

A dog exercise pen is just that, a pen that your puppy can actually run around and play in or they can sleep. If you are still potty training, you can place your super absorbent training pads in a special section in there. If you don’t have pads for your puppy you may want to check out my puppy starter kit page.

4 or 8 Panels

IRIS Exercise PenDepending on the space you want to give your dog will depend on how many panels you get. If you live in an apartment and don’t have a lot of space available then you will want to get a 4 panel exercise pen. This one is a top seller and even has a door to help you get your puppy dog in and out. You can also add a cover if you need to stop a certain puppy dog from jumping out of his dog play pen.IRIS cover

Inside or Outside?

Are you looking for a dog exercise pen inside, outside or both. Most exercise pens can do either inside or outside. I did find a nice one for outside only that has a gazebo. Talk about giving your puppy dog some style while in their exercise pen. Check it out.gazebo! For more details, go to my page located here.

I love this exercise pen. It has a great area for running around and also some nice SHADE for your puppy dog. I know that sun can be hard on pets if they don’t have shade in the summer months.  This gazebo is a great way to get them some shade and not be an eye sore.

Do you have a fenced yard?

A dog exercise pen is perfect outside if you don’t have a fenced-in yard. Remember, never leave your pet in the pen outside when you go away. This exercise pen is just a way for your dog to get some exercise while you are home. However, you will definitely want to anchor it into the ground so he/she dog can’t get out. It will give you the security of knowing your dog is safe without him/her being on a dog chain. Chains tend to make me nervous because a dog can choke themselves on it if they ever get tangled on something. I have actually seen 2 dogs this has happened to.

Portable Dog Exercise Pen

A portable dog exercise pen, to me, is one that that is super easy to set up and take down. For this task, I really like the ones that are mesh and not wire. These remind me of a tent only way easier for set up and take down. ESK exercise PenThis one pictured actually has a zipper on the top and a zipper on the bottom to make sure that your pet does not escape. It is an 8 panel pen with lots of room inside for you pet. Windows are placed on all sides so your pet does not feel like they are left out of the loop. It is made with waterproof material and is easily cleanable. You can easily take off the bottom to wash it if your dog eliminates and you don’t have a puppy training pad down.

Door or No Door

It is totally up to you if you get a dog exercise pen with a door or without a door. I think if you have a bigger dog it may be easier to just open up a panel when you want your dog to go in there. If you have a smaller dog or are only going to use it for a puppy then I would recommend one with a door. It is easier for you to get them in and out.

Here are a couple of pictures of what they look like without a door and with a door.

Midwest Exercise Pen<- No door.

One Door ->Elitefield pen

Things to Remember

When you first bring your puppy home and use the exercise pen, you want to cover the whole thing with puppy training pads. At this point your puppy has no idea it should eliminate somewhere other than where it is placed. Puppy training pads will get your puppy used to the feel (texture) underneath them and know that pad is where it is supposed to go potty. After the puppy starts pottying farther and farther away from where it is sleeping, you will want to start making the potty area smaller. Make sure you are leaving your floor bare in between the sleeping area and the potty area. The open area should all absorb training padonly be about the length of your puppy. This will help the puppy feel that they need to pass the actual floor before pottying on the puppy pad. When you start taking some puppy pads away your pup will have the memory that it should potty on that pad.

Once your puppy is older, the best place to put the potty area, if you have one in you dog pen, is by the door with the bedding, food and water on the opposite side. This will help make the transfer easier for them to go potty outside when it is time and all training pads are taken away.

I hope all of this information helps you choose the right dog exercise pen for you and your puppy dog. It is important for both of you to feel comfortable and safe while you are home and away. 

Let me know what dog exercise pen you are choosing in my comment section below! 

If you are not sure, ask away and we can figure it out together!


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