#1 Dog Odor Removal Tool!

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Want the Dog Odor Gone?!

Here is the Perfect Tool for Your Home!

Get Rid of Dog Odor Now!

Do you ever walk into your house and think “man, my dog smells” or “man, my house smells like dogs.” I sure do. I found a great pet odor eliminator to get those pet odors gone. Never again will I walk into a pet odor in my house!

CritterZone Air NeutralizerThe best pet odor eliminator is the CritterZone Air Naturalizer! There is
nothing like a small air unit that can eliminate dog odor. Just place this in a plug close to your odor source to remove the dog odor.  Check out my review for the CritterZone Air Naturalizer here!

Dog Odor Causes

Man, dogs can sure be stinky. Healthy dogs still smell like dog, however when you smell something different it is time to do some research. There can be many causes of dog odor.

Do you dogs ears stink?

Pit Bull Dog EarI had a Shar Pei back in the day and man could her ears stink. Because of her short cropped ears, she would get yeast infections and ear mites often. We had to constantly put drops in her ears. My Pit Bull gets a lot of ear infections due to the yeast in her ears. Do you just love her pose. She knew I wanted to get a picture of her ear. She is so funny sometimes!

How about your dogs skin?

Healthy Pit Bull CoatDoes that have nasty dog odor too? Again, my Shar Pei and my current English Bulldog have bad skin odor too. My Pit Bull pictured here has beautiful skin though. Thanks to her grain free dog food.

Dogs skin has a protective layer to keep the pathogens out but it also excretes waste. Dogs medicine or hormones can cause your dog to smell. A nice shampoo like comfort shampoo and conditioner can help your dog smell better and help their skin.

Dog odor coming from the mouth?English Bulldog upside down

Here again, my English Bulldog has teeth that are missing and others that are loose. Her breath seriously smells like something died. She definitely has some bacteria issues that we need to deal with. The problem is that her mouth is so big that food gets stuck in it and then the bacteria grows. It is hard to clean out as she has so many crevices in there!

Did you know that some pets don’t have the energy to clean their mouth up after they eat. They don’t have the strength to swallow all of their food, so the food will sit in their cheeks and the bacteria begins to grow and smell.

English Bulldog next to baby gate to keep dog out.Another reason for bad dog breath is that they may be eating feces. It does happen so don’t be alarmed. One of my mother’s dogs likes to eat her cats feces out of the litter box. Talk about disgusting! She now has a baby gate up to keep the cat out.

Did you know that bad breath can also be caused by others things happening in your dogs body. Your dog might have a stomach ulcer or kidney disease and have bad breath. If your dog does have kidney disease their breath with smell very uremic. Dogs with uncontrolled diabetes will give them breath that smells like acetone.

Dog Odor coming from down under?

All dogs have anal glands and sometimes those glands can get blocked. I have always heard this but never had the guts to see about this personally. As I stated my English Bulldog smells. Could it be her glands. Maybe, I will ask her vet next time I take her in. I have heard that you can ask the veterinary how to empty the anal sacs. Personally, I say “no thank you.” I will leave that to the vet or dog groomer.

Bad Dog OdorGas also comes from your pet, just like you and I. It all depends on what they have had to eat. Because of this I have switched my dogs over to grain free food and have not had any gas problems since. I have also noticed that their coats are very soft and shiny too. I truly believe in the grain free food and the benefits it has.

Also, dogs who have some urinary issues may have a smelly area down there. If they are incontinent than they are leaking all of the time and can have a urine dog odor at all times as even when they are sleeping they are leaking.

So . . . what can you do if you want dog odor removal to happen in your house?

CritterZone Air Neutralizer is your Saving Grace!

They have both a wall unit that you can plug right into the wall by your dog odor or they have a corded unit that you can move around. My only concern with that one is that if you have a dog who likes to chew. They may chew on the cord. Either way they will remove dog odor.

The Critterzone Air Neutralizer is a great pet odor eliminator. Check out my review for this unit here. It is a great addition to any pet household that has those pet odors you can’t seem to get rid of.

You can place the CritterZone Air Neutralizer anywhere you need it the most. This could be by:

  • puppy pee padsDog Odor Gone
  • puppy kennel
  • dog kennel
  • litter box
  • animal cages
  • kitchens
  • garbages
  • mud rooms
  • laundry rooms

This is a fast, powerful and discreet machine that no one will notice and it will help you have dog odor control over your house. With the CritterZone Air Neutralizer you are helping to improve the air environment around you. Who doesn’t like to breathe fresh air?

CritterZone Air Neutralizer

CritterZone Air NeutralizerSo get the best pet odor eliminator out there and let me know what you think. I can’t think of a better way to eliminate dog odor in the house. Get rid of the dog odor today!

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